Producer and script consultant Valeria Richter
Producer and script consultant Valeria Richter
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POWR 2012


I work as creative producer in film and media through my companies Pebble and Nordic Factory Copenhagen. My main field is the development of stories and scripts, and to run, engage in and develop tailored collaborative processes for the development of films and TV series mainly. I have strong ties to international training and production, and going on 20 years of professional experience, I have gathered solid insight into the various aspects of the film and media business. I rely on a wide, international network and work from my base in Copenhagen, regularly working in Sweden, Estonia, Finland and around Europe.

I have worked with among others TorinoFilmLab and POWR/Baltic Event for many years and I have gratefully received a selection of references from current and previous colleagues that you can browse below.

If you would like to know more about working with me or about how I approach different types of assignments and projects, you are very welcome to contact me.

Valeria works with fiction film, TV (series), documentary, cross platform works – original & adaptations – in the following capacities:
– script development/ consulting/co-writing

– project & concept/IP development                                              (creative producer/ funding/head of development)

– workshop development & coordination                                            (new formats/head of studies)

– scouting & research

– script & project assessment

– tutor/trainer/speaker

– co-production


Antonio Piazza

Scriptwriter/director/international tutor:

“I had the chance to see Valeria work from two different points of view: first, when I was a participant of TorinoFilmLab Script&Pitch and then, years later, at her side as a colleague script consultant in POWR Baltic Stories Exchange.

I am impressed by her peculiar and personal way to approach projects and participants. She combines extraordinary accuracy and reliability with intense human energy. In workshops, her mere presence in the room, what she says and the way she says it, makes everyone feel at their ease and creates the intimacy necessary for filmmakers to break down their protective barriers and discover the core of the film they intend to realize.”

Savina Neirotti

Director TorinoFilmLab and Head of Programme of Biennale College

“I have worked with Valeria since 2006, and all the qualities that struck me then still remain, reinforced: curiosity, generosity, endurance. In these years we have built a working relationship based on trust that has become a friendship.”

Joona Louhivuori

Film Commissioner, Short Films & TV Drama Series at

SES/The Finnish Film Foundation – about Nordic Factory 2014:

“It’s been a great pleasure working with Valeria Richter. More importantly, I was very impressed by Valeria’s ability as a producer to turn an interesting concept into unique, cinematic work with the artists she supported. Her contribution to the productions’ content was essential.”

SES/The Finnish Film Foundation

Ene Katrine Rasmussen

Head of Office, Creative Europe Desk Denmark, Danish Film Institute

“It’s a great pleasure to work with Valeria. She is always well prepared and has an extensive knowledge on especially scriptwriting. She has a broad international network and is always happy to share. Valeria is a no nonsense person and is always very serious about her work. I really like working with her.”

Marge Liiske

Managing Director, Baltic Event (ref. POWR-workshop):

“With Valeria, you are in good hands. Fresh ideas, lots of energy, friendly, at the same time hard working and well organized: this is Valeria in action. Recommend!”

Pedram Faludian-Dahl

Writer/director & producer, Sweden/Canada

“With her thorough knowledge of films, genres and various approaches to telling a story, Valeria helped me define a clear strategy for my screenplay. Her analysis and feedback shine a light on the best path available for your project.”

Helene Granqvist

Producer, Nordic Factory Sweden (ref. Granny’s Dancing on the Table, Nordic Factory & Öved):

“I’m grateful for the collaboration I’ve had with Valeria on several projects. Though it’s a little bit risky for me to work with someone who is so good and energetic. It’s a bit too easy for me to become lazy because I know that she will make sure things will get done. And done well.”


Allan van O.T. Andersen

Writer/director & producer, Lithuania/Denmark:

“I was very lucky to have Valeria joining our project Escaping Sunshine as our script consultant very early in the process. For me, “Script Consultancy” is more than a technical know-how on story and characters, it’s about feeling people, having the right social insight and understanding of the screenwriter you are working with – Valeria has all of that!”

Milad Alami

Writer/director, Denmark/Sweden – about Nordic Factory:

“I found working with Valeria a truly rewarding experience. Her feedback was highly appreciated and the process was very inspiring. She managed to keep us focused and reminded us about what was important with our story and the many ways we could reach the result we were after. I recommend her highly and would work with her again.”