Producer and script consulting Valeria Richter
Producer and script consultant Valeria Richter
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I am drawn to the discovery journeys of storytelling, to making the development stage worth the sweat and to nurture the passion for the story, all the way.

I work as creative producer in film and media through my companies Pebble and Nordic Factory Copenhagen. My main playing field is the development of stories and scripts (film & TV mainly), and to run, engage in and develop tailored collaborative development processes. I have strong ties to international training and production, and going on 20 years of professional experience, I have gathered solid insight into the various aspects of the film and media business. I rely on a wide, international network and work from my base in Copenhagen, regularly working in Sweden, Estonia, Finland and around Europe.

If you are interested to know more about working with me, you are welcome to contact me, and you can browse these pages for a selection of work and references.



Development of:

scripts, stories, projects, workshops & seminars

Development in:

processes (project teams, individual etc.), collaborative settings (international/local), various formats and areas


Creative producer – own projects and for hire

Head of development/dev. producer

Script development/ consulting/co-writing

Project & concept/IP development


Workshop development & coordination

Script & project assessment




(Pebble/Nordic Factory Cph is not a classic production company – the key focus is on development and creative production)

Script reading (pro bono)


Pebbles rock! Pebbles are small stones or rocks made smooth and round’ish by the action of water or sand. Some are good for skipping across the water, creating rings. Some are better in your pocket or hand, getting even smoother over time.


Each is unique, yet looking at a beach full of them, one may seem as replaceable as the other. From sand grains to the biggest rocks, the core material ceaselessly transforms and inspires.

Having a love of pebbles since childhood, of creating rings worth spreading since my studies, and relishing the sound of the word, Pebble it was.


In French pebble is caillou (also the name of a popular Canadian children’s TV-series btw), in German Kieselstein, Italian ciottolo and in Finnish pieni kivi – tiny rocks I believe it means.


This is my space for news and current/coming projects, films and events. Here is where I will update Pebble’s activities and projects on a monthly basis.


Pebble or our partners are from time to time looking for specific people and projects. I will post such “look-outs” here as well.

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I mainly work with fiction films and have recently started developing series for television. I work with original and adapted material, and also have experience working with documentary and cross platform projects.


My work is focused on development in most capacities, i.e. as head of development, development producer and/or co-producer, and as script consultant.


In the area of training, my main focus is on script development, audience design and adaptations, combined with skills in pitch presentation and cross-/transmedia. I continually develop new workshop formats.

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